Chanak Restaurant Bourne End


Christmas at chanak restaurant

With the arrival of the New Year, we are thrilled to welcome you to an exceptional Christmas dining experience at Chanak during December. On this special season, come together with your loved ones and embark on a delightful culinary journey to start the new year with flavours that will delight your palate.

Christmas Menu

3 Course Meal

£34.95 Per Person



Mashed chickpeas dip made with tahini, lemon juice & olive oil



Yoghurt dip made with mint, fresh dill, cucumber, olive oil and a touch of garlic



Red peppers, walnuts, breadcrumbs, pomegranate molasses dip with chilli paste, salt, olive oil, cumin.



Finely chopped parsley, crushed wheat, tomatoes, spring onion, lemon juice, pomegranate sauce and olive oil


Stuffed artichoke

Slow cooked stuffed artichoke with carrot, green beans, potatoes and broad beans served on a yoghurt sauce.


Borek /  Chesee Filo Pastry

Feta cheese, shallot, leeks and parsley stuffed in deep-fried filo pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce.


Spicy Marinated Wings

Spicy marinated, fried chicken wings served with salsa.


Chicken Liver

Cumin marinated chicken liver pan-fried with red onion & cherry tomatoes.



Deep-fried, bread crumbed calamari rings served with green salad and tartar sauce.


Spicy Falafel

Fried, mashed chickpea balls served with humus.


Chicken & Lamb Shish

Marinated lamb pieces or chicken breast pieces mounted on a skewer, charcoal grilled and served with rice & salad.


Anotalian Kofte (Lamb or Chicken)

Grilled butcher style lamb or chicken kofte mounted on an iron skewer, specially marinated with Anatolian herbs, served with rice and salad.


Kavurma (Lamb or Chicken)

Slow cooked lamb or Chicken, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, seasoned with herbs served with rice & salad.


Kofte Beyti (Lamb)

Hand-minced herbs and pepper blended lamb kofte kebab mounted on a skewer, charcoal grilled then wrapped in salsa filled tortilla bread added yoghurt and butter on top, served with rice and salad.


Spicy Saute

Thyme marinated diced lamb cooked with mixed peppers, shallots, mushrooms, tomatoes, served with rice&salad.


Spinach Feta Chicken
Chicken breast filled with spinach, feta cheese, garlic, and mushroom sauce served with stir-fried vegetables.




Imam Bayıldı

Fried aubergine stuffed with sauteed shallots, mix peppers, pine nuts, blackcurrant & cherry tomatoes baked with tomato sauce. Served with rice, salad & yoghurt sauce.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Quinoa

With stir-fried vegetables & avocado salad.


Black Sea Bream

Grilled butterfly cut sea bream served with stir-fried vegetables & sauteed potatoes.


Prawn Saute

Sauteed Indian ocean king prawns & seasonal vegetables served with rice.


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Quinoa, green leaves, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & balsamic dressing.


Grilled Salmon Salad

Grilled salmon, green leaves, cherry tomatoes, avocado, orange slices, capers & balsamic dressing.


Rice Pudding





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